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Q & As about Car Title Loans

Following are questions our customers frequently ask us here at Mesquite Title Loans. If you don't see your question here, feel free to contact us!

Q: How do I apply for a loan?

It's easy - just go to the Apply Now page and check out the easy instructions on how to apply for car title loans in Mesquite. The only form you need for pre-approval is all online.

Q:Do I get to keep my car and drive it?

Yes! Although your title is used as collateral, you're able to keep your car and drive it as much as you'd like. Car title loans in Mesquite are great for those who need to borrow money and keep using their cars.

Q: What's the maximum amount I can borrow?

Mesquite Car Title Loans offers loans up to $50,000

Q: How is the amount of my loan determined?

Mesquite Car Title Loans uses to value of your car to determine how much to lend you. The value is based on the make, model, year, and mileage. The more your car is worth, the more you can borrow!

Q: Can I still get car title loans in Mesquite if I have bad credit? No credit? Bankruptcy on file?

If any of the above applies to you, don't worry - your credit score will never disqualify you from getting a loan. In fact, we'll never even look at your credit report

Q: How long will it take to get my money?

Mesquite Car Title Loans can usually have your cash available for you in just 24 hours - sometimes even less!

Q: Do I have to give up my car?

Nope! Mesquite Title Loans lets you take out a loan and keep driving your car. You'll get your title back when your loan is repaid in full.

Q: Why should I get a loan from Mesquite Car Title Loans?

Well, we're the best lender in all of Texas that puts your unique needs first. Our customer service team is the friendly and helpful, our interest rates are very competitive, and our repayment plans are the most flexible. We've helped thousands of hardworking Texans like you get extra money - let us help you! Apply for car title loans in Mesquite today!

Q: Is there a penalty for making an early payment?

No way. Mesquite Car Title Loans will not penalize your for paying ahead of schedule.

Q: Which payment methods are accepted by Mesquite Car Title Loans?

We'll accept debit cards issued by MasterCard or VISA, money orders, and certified checks.